Improve the quality of product

How ensure products and services are trustworthy?

Test make believe

Because believe, so simple. But it is not easy to judge whether to believe!

Automated testing

Do you repetitive tests feel boring?

Automate scripts to perform tests

Python,Appium,Selenium,QuickTest Professional based compatibility and automated test solutions

Performance and safety testing

Want to know when a large number of users access at the same time the system can resist?

Want to know what security vulnerabilities exist on the line vulnerable to hackers?

Performance test solution based on Python, AppScan, Loadrunner


TestBelieve think that test production once believed!
We integrate test requirements and test resources via the internet.


TestBelieve technology provides a variety of testing services for the community, including functional functional testing, performance testing, automated testing, security scan testing, etc....



TestBelieve try to develop and apply a variety of professional testing tools for the community, including quality management tools, performance testing tools, automated testing tools, etc....

About the website

Company Internal Model: test requirements > test team > use case and defect > release

Internet Mode: release demand > processing > test > report > confirm

Testing features: Artificial Intelligence + Automation + Testing

Dream About Testing

"I come from Henan work in Beijing, I am been engaged in software testing and development for many years, I understands what kind of testing work is required in the software development process.
The repetitive work in software testing is also tedious, and the wide range of compatibility testing adaptations can break down. My dream is:

1. Establishing an on line website to record various test data can be free to use at any time.

2. Compatibility test that need to be adapted to a wide range can be published by the Internet, executed by people with the appropriate environment, submitted test results, and received corresponding remuneration.

3. Use AI technology to assist test engineers to analyze test cases and generate automated test scripts.

4. Highly repeatable testing can facilitate the implementation of automated test scripts.

5. There are several test tool easy to use, simple pressure measuring tools and scanning tools for engineers. "


The founder of the company is a test engineer, so LOGO is toad, hope to help you eliminate all kinds of insects that is BUG.

Mobile platform, please pay attention to WeChat public account TestBelieve.