Beijing TestBelieve Technology Development Co., Ltd.

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WeChat public address please search: TestBelieve

Company profile

Technology company created by test engineer.

Corporate culture

Brave, honest, fair, avoid losing honor. Maintain full reverence for society and nature.

Enterprise value

Test make believe.


Users will be able to get reliable products, through the test platform to build a reliable high-quality products.

Contact information:

Beijing City, Daxing District Caiyu town
No. 31 Town Street
Mobile phone:(+86) 18601242408

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Software works and citation descriptions

Page JS development: Lixiao Du

Main part development test: Libo Liu

The web part of this software adopts ASPmvc4 framework, and refers to NPOI, X. pageList, Thoughtworks, Nlog, Chart, Elmah, selenium, Json, Wechat payment and other technical components.

The data analysis part of the software adopts python's Django framework, and refers to pyodbc, snownlp, numpy, wfastcgi and other components.

To sum up, if there is any infringement of intellectual property rights, please contact our mailbox,, and change it as soon as possible.